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Membership Information

Membership in Reno Aquatic Club is open to any competitive swimmer wishing to take part in the program as set down by the coach and meeting the group criteria.

Dues and Financial Obligations

Dues: Reno Aquatic Club dues go directly toward coaching fees. Dues are charged monthly and are payable the first part of each month. Dues are considered delinquent after the 25th of the month. If dues are delinquent 30 days or more, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice or compete with Reno Aquatic Club. Swimmers will be charged for the ENTIRE MONTH regardless of actual time in the water. Since the team has financial responsibilities 12 months a year, dues must be paid whether or not the swimmer is consistently in the water. A leave of absence may be granted in the case of prolonged illness, injury, or activity. Contact the billing committee for a possible adjustment to dues.

Group Monthly Dues (including $21 pool use fee)


Multiple swimmers from a family (Minnow and Dolphin groups excluded):

  • 1st swimmer (highest group) pays 100%
  • 2nd swimmer (next highest group) pays 75% of group rate
  • 3rd swimmer (next highest group) pays 67% of group rate


There is not a family rate for the Minnow and Dolphin Groups

DOLPHIN $28.00 PLUS $21.00 49.00
MINNOW $28.00 PLUS $21.00 49.00

GUPPY PROGRAM ("Learn to Swim")

One-on-One Private Lessons available for ages 4-9 years old. Price is $15.00 per half hour session. For information and reservations call the team office at (775) 828-7946.

Emphasis is on teaching water safety, rhythmic breathing, basic fundamentals of freesetyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke.


This is a one time only fee for three months with no fundrasing or pool use fees



  • USS REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE: $50.00 (annual fee) -RENO remits to Pacific Swimming for each swimmer
  • Administrative Fee: This $20.00 per year per family fee is assessed yearly to the Swim Team Famillies to offset cost incurred for the Team Handbook, Pacific Swim Guid and postage and supplies for monthly dues.
  • REINSTATEMENT FEE: This $25.00 fee is assessed to swimmers rejoing the team after absence of one month or more. This applkies to White swimmers and above. This does not affect Minnows and Dolphins.


  • Monthly dues are due and payable in full each month by the 25th of the month. Payment received after the 25th are delinquent.

Reno Aquatic Club Travel Policy

Any swimmer representing Reno Aquatic Club at any sanctioned swim meets must be current in ALL financial obligations to the Team prior to the date of departure. Any extenuating circumstances must be brought to the RENO Board of Directors for consideration.

To withdraw from the team, please notify your coach and billing committee, IN WRITING, of your desire to leave the team. Dues and fees will be charged until Reno Aquatic Club receives written notification of withdrawal.

USS Registration and Insurance

Each swimmer must complete and turn into the coach the USS registration form. To be eligible for competition every swimmer must register with Pacific Swimming. Registration and insurance are charged on an annual basis and currently cost $50.00. This fee insures the swimmer while at meets and at practice.

USS and Pacific Swimming Membership

Reno Aquatic Club is one of 4,500 local clubs belonging to United States of America Swimming, Inc. (USS). United States of America Swimming is the National governing body of the United States and is responsible for the conduct and administration of U.S.A. Swimming. USS has divided the United States into four Zones, which are further broken down into Local Swimming Committees (LSC). Reno Aquatic Club is in the Western Zone and belongs to the Pacific Swimming (LSC) which is further divided into smaller zones. Reno Aquatic Club is in Zone 4 of the Pacific Swimming LSC. Each team is assigned a four-letter code/club abbreviation that is used for entering meets and team identification. Our code is RENO.

Pacific Swimming is responsible for setting standardized guidelines under which all member teams operate. It sanctions meets, certifies officials, establishes the time standards, publishes the swim guide (a copy of which you will receive each year) and meet schedules and disburses the Pacific LSC travel funds to send some swimmers to national and zone level meets.

There are two major categories of competitive swimming, age group and senior (also known as Open) swimming. Age group is divided by sex and age into the following groups: 6 and under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 year old. Swimmers must compete in their age group.

The Pacific Swimming swim season is currently divided into two seasons, Short Course and Long Course. Short Course is swum in a 25-yard pool from October to mid April. Long Course is swum in a 50-meter pool from mid April until August.

Swimmers Responsibilities


  • On meet day, swimmers should arrive by the time designated by the coach, change into team swim suits and report to the coach on the pool deck in time for
  • the team warm-up.
  • Swimmers should check in for their events at the Clerk of Course (their responsibility).
  • Swimmers should listen for their event to be called and report promptly to the area to pickup event cards or obtain their heat and lane assignment.
  • Immediately upon completion of an event, swimmers should report to the coach.
  • Swimmers are always expected to demonstrate courtesy and sportsmanship since their behavior is a reflection on RENO and the community at large.

Log Book

Each swimmer should keep a logbook or record book of his/her times for each race that the swimmer enters. This serves two purposes.

  • It allows the swimmer to chart his/her progress
  • It allows the swimmer the ability to accurately complete the meet entry forms.

If you need help in determining an entry time, consult with the coach.

Team Suits and Caps

Team suits are required at all major team competitions. These include the Nevada State Championships, Far Westerns, Junior Nationals, and Senior Nationals. Swimmers may wear the suit of their preference at any other meet. Team caps are to be worn at ALL competitions regardless of size or import. The team cap helps the coaches identify the swimmer on the blocks prior to the start of his/her race. Failure to wear a team cap at competitions could result in missed swim observations and split recording. Team suits and other accessories such as caps, goggles, etc. can be purchased through the team store. You can reach our team store representative, Trish Reviglio at

Parent Responsibilities

Your swimmer's goal can only be achieved through a successful program and a program can only be successful when all the required elements are available. Time is a precious commodity and many of the things the club does require your time. We need everyone to share in the load. More specifically, we ask you to accept the following responsibilities:


The continued growth and development of Reno Aquatic Club is dependent upon tax-deductible support, not only from individuals, but also from corporations who are interested in the physical fitness of today's youth. RENO is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with a 501 (c) (3) status. Your participation is requested in all fund-raising events put on by the club.

Ad Campaign

The Ad Campaign begins in the early spring in preparation for the program book for the Reno Gamble swim meet sponsored by RENO in June. Ads are solicited from businesses and each family is asked to obtain two $25 business card size ads if possible. The ads obtained are run a minimum of three times throughout the year in the program books at every RENO sponsored meet. Corporate sponsors are also obtained and banners are made to display their business names at every meet. This is a major source of revenue for our club and a necessary part of our budget. The program books and banners are done in a very professional manner and we feel that businesses do benefit from advertising with Reno Aquatic Club.

Holiday See's Candy Sale

Each year in October we begin our holiday See's Candy Sale. The sale ends before Thanksgiving vacation and the candy arrives for delivery the second week in December. See's Candy is very easy to sell, as it is a well-known and popular product. We sell the candy at the retail price (the same as the See's stores) and make a profit of approximately 30% per pound. Profits increase by 5% when total purchases meet or exceed $7,100, by 7.5% when total purchases meet or exceed $35,500 and by 10% when it meet or exceeds $71,000. Many businesses give out candy to their customers and may be willing to order directly from Reno Aquatic Club if contacted. Individual customers increase yearly as they discover the ease and the convenience of ordering from us and having the candy delivered directly to their front door. This is a HIGH PROFIT fund-raiser that becomes more popular each year!

Periodic Garage Sale

Occasionally, the club will hold a garage/yard sale. In the past it has been held at a club member's garage and driveway. Members are asked to save any items for the sale that they might ordinarily give away or throw away. One person's junk is another person's treasure. We need help with pricing of the sale items and help on the day of the sale.

Swim Meets

Obviously, the way for swimmers to chart their improvement is through swim meets. But swim meets donāt just magically happen! There are many hard working parents volunteering their help time and time again. It takes quite a few people to successfully run a swim meet and there are many different jobs to fill. Make sure you volunteer at a swim meet. Remember your ultimately helping in your childās success.

Help at Home Meets

The parents of RENO swimmers are asked to help at home meets. There are enough different jobs to meet anyone's skills. When you are called, please offer your help. If you are not called, offer your help.

RENO hosts a variety of swim meets each year. We host meets for swimmers from Novice to Olympic Level. To maintain the flexibility of hosting the meets our swimmers need, RENO needs volunteers who are trained to run meets.

During your first meet you may have noticed the Officials around the pool. For the most part the officials are parents of swimmers, just like you. The Officials attend clinics, receive training and are certified by U.S. Swimming. They are present at meets to implement the technical rules of swimming and to make sure that the competition is fair and equitable for all the swimmers. After you have been to a few meets consider joining in as an Official. You can ask the Zone 4 Representative how to get started. (See Introduction to Officiating enclosed on the blue sheets)

Help at Away Meets

If you are involved in running a home meet, you know that you need all of your parent volunteers helping with the smooth running of the meet. Because of that, the team must rely on visiting team parents to help out with the timing at our meets. The same is true when the team travels to away meets. Parents should volunteer a portion of their time at the meet as a timer to help alleviate the burden on the home team and to help in the smooth running of the meet. Many times, officials will halt the meet due to a lack of timers. Please do your part to help others at away meets.

Supportive Parenting

As in any sport, there is a dedication and determination factor that the young individual participating can possess. What keeps this dedication and drive is the nurturing by the parent(s), constantly offering encouragement and support. Without this nourishment, the drive and dedication by the participating youngster will fade. We ask you as the parent to take an active interest in your child's swimming. Encourage getting to practice on time and on a regular basis. Be aware of upcoming events and your child's participation in them. Above all, support your child's interest in swimming so he/she does not suffer a loss of determination.

Communication Between Coach, Swimmer and Parents


These are issued throughout the year to publicize the club's upcoming events and to promote new sign-ups each spring and fall.


Newsletters are published once a month and sent out to participating parents and swimmers. This is the club's main vehicle of communication for general and specific information.


Board Meetings are held every month. Parents are encouraged to attend so that questions can be answered and parents can become more informed about his/her child's swim activities. If you feel you cannot attend, please contact a Board Member so that your questions may be addressed. Informational meetings for new parents are held on a periodic basis. Contact the board member in charge of Membership for dates.

Coach Accessibility

Please do not interrupt the coaches on deck during workouts. The workouts are carefully planned for each day and an interruption can only take away from the coaches' main function. Parents and visitors are asked to stay off the pool deck during workout. Check with your child's coach to find out when he/she is available so you may call with questions.

Board of Directors

RENO is a nonprofit organization guided by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. If you have any questions concerning policies or procedures, please feel free to call the appropriate director (listed in your newsletter and in your notebook). Their job can only be improved by open communication between themselves and the membership.