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Reno Aquatic Club Practice Groups

Dolphins & Minnows - three (3) fifty-minute sessions per week. The Minnow group is 100% instructional. In this pre-competitive group, the swimmers will be working on freestyle and backstroke and learning the butterfly (dolphin), and breaststroke kicks. For advancement into the Dolphin group, the Minnow swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke, show efficiency in all drills taught in the group, correct dolphin and breaststroke kicks, and good listening and behavior skills.

The Dolphin group is 95% instructional and 5% conditioning. In this pre-competitive group, the Dolphins will learn improved efficiency in freestyle and backstroke, and learn to swim butterfly and breaststroke legally. For advancement into the White group, a Dolphin must have good behavior and listening skills. They will be able to swim 50 yards freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, legal butterfly for 25 yards, and be proficient at all drills and skills taught.

Group Emphasis:

  • Teaching the basic mechanics of the four competitive strokes.
  • Preparation to join the competitive portion of the team.
  • Fun

Great Whites & Whites - 3-4 one-hour sessions per week. The White group is 85% stroke instruction and 15% conditioning. In this introductory competitive group, White swimmers will continue stroke efficiency in all strokes, and be introduced to turns. Swimmers will be learning drills and rules of swimming applicable to competition. For advancement into the Great Whites, swimmers will have the endurance to swim 100 yards of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, and 50 yards butterfly. All strokes will be legal and fairly accurate. The swimmer will be proficient in all drills taught in the group, as well as maturity level and behavior of average 7 year old.

The Great White group is 75% instructional and 25% conditioning. In this competitive group swimmers will be learning more advanced drills, skills, and will be expected to learn and remember good swimming habits. Instructional emphasis for the strokes will be on accuracy and racing techniques. For advancement into Blues, the swimmers will have endurance to swim 300 yards of free, back, breast, and 100 yards of fly. They will need great turns, streamlines, dives, and strokes. Swimmers will know all drills from the group and have maturity and behavior of average 8 year old.

Group Emphasis:

  • Teaching starts, turns, and finishes.
  • Begin to evaluate progress through introduction to local and regional competitions.
  • Providing opportunities for cultural and social experiences.
  • Fun


Blue Advanced & Blues - 3-4 one and one quarter to one and one half-hour sessions per week. In this competitive swimming group, swimmers will be beginning dryland training and swim school, as well as more advanced swimming skills. The Blue group is 70% stroke instruction and 30% conditioning. Swimmers will learn improved technique and speed, as well as race strategy and endurance. For advancement into the Blue Advanced group, the swimmer will have great strength, endurance, and technique. They must be willing to set goals, accept challenges, attend practice and meets as often as possible, and have a willingness to focus and improve.

The Blue Advanced group is 60% instructional and 40% conditioning. The swimmers will have a variety of dryland training exercises and swim school. Swimmers will increase strength as well as becoming knowledgeable in swimming smart. Swimmers will be fine-tuning and improving all aspects of competitive swimming. They will learn about "hidden training" such as nutrition, rest, study habits, goals, and attitude. Advancement into the Orange group will be upon achievement of skills taught in the Blue Advanced group, as well as endurance and skill for an advanced competitive swimmer.

Group Emphasis:

  • Teaching basic and more advanced stroke mechanics, starts, turns, and finishes.
  • Introduction of goal setting and individual training progressions.
  • Teaching mental attitude considerations such as focusing on positive self-concept.
  • Evaluating progress in monthly competitions.
  • Providing out of town and out of country cultural experiences in a team environment.
  • Encouragement of group sportsmanship.
  • Introduction of nutritional considerations for maximum performances and life long wellness considerations.

Orange - 4-6 one and one-half to two hour sessions per week. The Orange group is 50% conditioning and 50% instructional. It is a transitional group. Swimmers enter the group with a clear understanding of the four competitive strokes and gain a valuable knowledge of racing strategies; race preparation, proper diet, and swim meet responsibilities. Swimmers are also exposed to seasonal workout demands, training expectations and how that relates to time improvement. At this level, swimmers are still urged to race in every event and not to "specialize" in certain events. This group mentally prepares the swimmer for the highest level on the team, Senior swimming. Advancement to the Senior group is based on swimming ability, maturation level and the swimmer's age.

Group Emphasis:

  • Perfecting stroke mechanics.
  • Learning the finer points of the four competitive strokes, starts, and turns.
  • Introduction of progressive training techniques in order to develop the swimmers energy systems.
  • Mental aspects of competitions including coping with stress in a positive manner.
  • Introduction of specialization of distance and events according to the individual swimmers potential.
  • Provide appropriate competitive meet experiences to measure each swimmers progress.
  • Additional education in the areas of nutritional needs training, competitions, and cultural experiences.

Senior & Pre-Senior - 6-11 two to four hour sessions per week. The Senior group is designed to prepare its members to compete at every level from the thirteen and over age group meets to international competitions. Members are expected to attend all of the workouts that are offered and recommended by the head coach. Weights and dryland are offered and are highly recommended. Training emphasizes primarily conditioning and race preparation. Various meets throughout the year are designated as Senior travel meets and those members who have successfully met all of the qualifications will be permitted to travel with the team.

Group Emphasis:

  • Reinforcement of age group emphasis areas.
  • Reinforcement of contemporary and individual stroke mechanics.
  • Mental attitude training.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Development of appropriate energy system for maximum performance.
  • Supplemental strength and power training.
  • Guidance toward stroke specialization into areas of greatest potential.